Pioneering Global Advanced Therapy Access
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Pioneering Global Access to Advanced Therapies

Pioneering Global
Access to Advanced

The Global Challenge of Reaching Cell and Gene Therapies

In many parts of the world, the difficulty obtaining life-saving treatments isn’t because they don’t exist, but rather because there are significant obstacles to accessing them.  

 A Disparity in Access

A striking revelation by the World Economic Forum in August 2022 showed that of approximately 1,000 open gene therapy clinical trials globally, fewer than 5% were recruiting in low and middle-income countries (excluding China), with only four trials taking place in Africa.

Envisioning Universal Access to Life-Changing Cell and Gene Therapies

Imagine a world where the most revolutionary medical treatments—those with the power to transform lives—are within reach for everyone, everywhere. Envision these groundbreaking therapies effortlessly reaching the most remote and underserved communities.

Democratizing Access to Cell and Gene Therapies

Leveraging years of experience in global clinical logistics and operations for biopharma innovators, Realm Bio proudly unveils the 1REALM platform. This initiative extends beyond tackling health inequity by actively removing barriers to ensure advanced medical treatments are accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of economic status or location

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Discover how 1Realm is making this vision a reality. We invite you to explore our pioneering platform and join us in transforming access to cell and gene therapies.